Welcome to Parkcrest Preschool

Parkcrest Child Care Society has been established since 1996. We are a non-profit society and a registered charity. Our teachers are fully qualified, licensed and have many years of experience. For more information about Parkcrest Preschool, please click here.

Each month you will receive a bulletin to inform you of activities planned for the month, as well as information and dates to remember. There will be no preschool on the following elementary school professional days; the school age care program will need the facility on these days. The preschool staff use these days for planning, meetings, classroom and toy cleaning etc.

Welcome to a new school year!  Each month you will receive a bulletin to inform you of the activities planned for the month, as well as information and dates to remember.

October 2016

Our classes are settling in nicely and we are enjoying each other’s company and making new friends.  For some of our friends, it is their first group experience.
We have been enjoying the “All about me” family projects. The children have taken great pride in presenting their work so thank you for your time. We look forward to the exciting events in October.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: We are looking for volunteers to join our parent board. If you are interested in joining the board, and would love to help support and maintain our organization with your time and expertise, please talk to Pam our director for more information.
We typically meet on a Monday in the evening once a month for a few hours.

We will be collecting non-perishable food items until October 6th. This gives us the opportunity to teach the children what more we can do for our community, and to be thankful for all that we have.

Please bring in your order forms by Thursday Oct. 6th.

Alex Santarelli from Photo Franco will be taking our pictures again this year!  He will be here to take pictures during class time on October 19th and 20th .
He will take a class (group) photo as well as an individual one.  The photo proofs will be returned to us promptly at which point you will have the opportunity to look over and select the photos of your choice.  There is no obligation for purchasing any photos.

There will be no classes on Friday October 21st .

We have now entered the rainy season!  It is a licensing regulation that all children must wear shoes when in the centre.  Please send a change of shoes if your child wears boots to school. We will still be getting some exercise outside on rainy/cooler days on our covered deck.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

On October 27th and 28th: Yes, we will be having our Pumpkin parties early! 
There will be special activities and party food during the regular class time.  If you can help with snacks for the party please sign the list that will be put out in mid October.
Please remember that we are a peanut/nut free school.
For working parents, you are always welcome to sign up for snacks by phone or email.
If your child has allergies, please talk to your child’s teacher!

Your child may wear their costumes to class on their party day.
They may not wish to wear them for the whole class time, so please ensure that they have regular clothes underneath their costume. Please do not send any weapons (swords, guns, etc.) or masks that may frighten other children, (or teachers) or anything you are worried might get broken or misplaced.

Come to school in your pajamas!
There will be enough excitement with trick or treating on the eve of Halloween.
3 Day students:(Oct. 31st) Come to school in your pj’s and have a comfy day before the excitement begins later on that night.
2 Day students:(Nov. 1st ) Had a fun, long night trick or treating? Let’s get cozy and have a comfy day at school in PJ’s

On November 9th and 10th we are inviting you to come and meet with your child’s teachers.  This is an opportunity for us to have a conversation about your child and how they are enjoying preschool.
We will have a sign up sheet at the beginning of November.  Interviews are short. (10 mins)  If you are unable to attend on these days please do not hesitate to arrange another time with your teacher.  Phone interviews can also be arranged.
There will be no classes on these days.  We prefer that children are not present during the actual meeting.  There will be no child minding available. If this is not possible, please arrange for a phone interview.

Great job everyone!
Thank you for sending healthy snacks! We are also very pleased with the litter-less snacks. Our garbage has been greatly reduced. Way to go!

*Please keep water bottles, juice boxes or any drinks at home.
Often times, these containers are not closed properly and end up spilling all over in backpacks, on floors, and in cubbies. We have a water cooler for the children to have access to during their stay. They love pouring their own water! Great for independence!

We have been introducing this fun and interactive way of learning letters and their sounds.  For example, “A” will have a tub of it’s own and it will consist of objects that start with the letter A. “A” is for apple, airplane, alligator etc.  With these sound tubs we can play memory games and build on vocabulary skills.  We will be asking the children to come back with a word that begins with the letter we are talking about.