Welcome to Parkcrest Preschool

Parkcrest Child Care Society has been established since 1996. We are a non-profit society and a registered charity. Our teachers are fully qualified, licensed and have many years of experience. For more information about Parkcrest Preschool, please click here.

Each month you will receive a bulletin to inform you of activities planned for the month, as well as information and dates to remember. There will be no preschool on the following elementary school professional days; the school age care program will need the facility on these days. The preschool staff use these days for planning, meetings, classroom and toy cleaning etc.

Welcome to a new school year!  Each month you will receive a bulletin to inform you of the activities planned for the month, as well as information and dates to remember.

Newsletters will also be posted on our website: www.parkcrestpreschool.ca

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It is hard to believe that we are writing our June newsletter!
We had fun exploring the stories The Paper Bag Princess, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We enjoyed musical experiences such as “Peter and the Wolf” by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, painting to music, and made rain sticks.


On June 7th and 8th all the classes are invited to a fun Gym visit.  We hope that you can join us!
Please meet in the Queens Park “Arenex Building”

Located in the Queens Park at First Street and Third Avenue, New Westminster.

Qualified instructors will be leading small groups and our staff will also be there with the children.
There is a fee of $5.00 for attendance and is non refundable.

*Just so that you know*-There is an adventure playground, spray park, and petting zoo in the park. (children will be in your care for these areas) A great place to go visit afterwards!
*REMINDER-Please arrive 5 minutes early as the gym time will start promptly. Children should wear shorts or sweat pants and will have bare feet. Siblings will not be permitted to join or be on any of the mats or equipments. This is to ensure safety for all and is a liability to the gym and will be strongly reinforced.

June 7th (Tues.) 11:30am-12:30pm for all 2 day programs
June 8th (Wed.) 9:30am-10:30am for all 3 day programs

Please submit your $5.00 along with your attendance slip and return by May 31st.


Thank you for all your orders! We have been able to purchase art supplies, lego and some more books for the school with the dividends earned from all of your orders!


Thank you to all the families that generously donated books to our preschool. There is no greater gift for our children.


This year we will be having our graduation ceremonies on Thursday June 16th for all the 2 day programs and June 17th for all the 3 day programs. We will prepare a buffet of snacks for all to enjoy!
Parents and families are invited to attend the closing ceremony at the end of class.  The children will sing some of the songs they have learned this year and will receive a graduating certification.  Cameras and video cameras are welcome.

*Please note*-posting of any pictures on multimedia of other children without parental permission is prohibited. Class times are as usual.

Families are welcome back at:
3 Day Morning class-10:00am                                       2 Day Morning class-10:30am
3 Day Mid-morning class-12:00pm       
3 Day Afternoon class-2:00pm                                      2 Day Afternoon class-1:45pm

Last instructional day of preschool…Mon June 20th for 3 day program classes
Tues. June 21st for 2 day program classes.

We have enjoyed working alongside all our families and your children and look forward to seeing many of you return in September.  We will miss all the children who are going off the Kindergarten, but know that wonderful and exciting things await them!

We wish you a safe and happy summer!